Indiegogo Campaign Launched to Preserve Architect Vladimir Ossipoff’s Drawings

About six years ago, according to a Pacific Business News article published today, the University of Hawaii’s Hamilton Library acquired several of Ossipoff’s original drawings but has been unable to properly preserve them. A new crowd-funding campaign launched on October 11 by the Hawaii Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Students and the Hawaii Architectural Foundation hopes to change that by raising funds to help archive the drawings and make them more easily accessible.

Hawaii’s Big Island Is a Stargazer’s Paradise

What a thrill it was see the International Space Station from Waimea earlier this week and to know there are astronauts aboard flying the craft at 17,000 mph 342 miles above the earth! Opportunities like this are just one of the joys of skygazing on the Big Island. With just a little advance planning, Big Island residents and visitors can see all kinds of wonderful sights with the naked eye or binoculars, including the Southern Cross, the Milky Way (both spectacular sights in summer) and Omega Centauri.

Researching Big Island Rainfall: The University of Hawaii’s ‘Rainfall Atlas of Hawaii’

The University of Hawaii’s Geography Department has recently released the online version of the Rainfall Atlas of Hawaii – complete with an Interactive Map enabling users to pinpoint and zoom in on specific areas and corresponding data, as well as to identify patterns over larger areas.

A ‘Sign’ That HCC’s West Hawaii Campus Is Becoming a Reality

The sign in this photo carries a very positive message for residents of West Hawaii who have long-awaited the presence of a permanent facility for Hawai’i Community College at Palamanui.

Hawaii County Population Growth Leads the State

From the desk of: Frank Goodale, R, CRB Vice-President, Director of Information Technology Clark Realty Corporation According to newly released US Census Data, Hawaii County posted a 2.1% growth rate for 2007 and continued to remain the most popular location for growth in the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai showed a healthy 1.4% increase and Maui with a 1% increase. Honolulu County remained comparatively stable posting a small but notable decline of .1% The likely explanation for this continued growth is that… Read More


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