Indiegogo Campaign Launched to Preserve Architect Vladimir Ossipoff’s Drawings

October 25, 2013||Architecture and Design

Ossipoff Documents Restoration Project - Indiegogo from Kaoru Lovett on Vimeo. Visit the Indiegogo page here: Hawaii Foundation Launches Ossipoff Documents Restoration Project When the property description of a home for sale in Hawaii includes the words "designed by architect Vladimir Ossipoff," those familiar...

November 10, 2011||Big Island: Weather and Nature

Hawaii's Big Island Is a Stargazer's Paradise 

Skygazing from the Big Island of Hawaii What a thrill it was see the International Space Station from Waimea earlier this week and to know there are astronauts aboard flying the craft at 17,000 mph 240 miles above the earth! Opportunities like this are just one of the joys of skygazing on the Big Island. With just a little advance planning, Big Island residents and visitors can see all kinds of wonderful sights with the naked eye or binoculars, including the Southern Cross, the Milky Way (both spectacular sights in summer) and Omega Centauri. We can follow Mars moving in retrograde and much, much more. Mauna Kea -- A Destination for Astronomers Our night skies are fairly free of light pollution and the elevation of Mauna Kea makes the Big Island a desirable destination for both professional astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts. According to the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy, there are currently 13 telescopes on Mauna... Read More 

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October 21, 2011||Big Island: Weather and Nature, Resources for Big Island Residents

Researching Big Island Rainfall: The University of Hawaii's 'Rainfall Atlas of Hawaii' 

Buyers moving to the Big Island frequently ask our agents and our Relocation Coordinator about rainfall. Some buyers are looking for a consistently warm, dry, sunny climate. On the other hand, because many homeowners (especially in East Hawaii and those who live off-grid) rely on rainwater catchment tanks for their water supply, Big Island property buyers often need to clearly identify where there is consistently abundant rainfall. Farmers and ranchers also rely heavily on ample rainfall, a necessity to their agricultural endeavors. The Hawaiian Islands present some interesting rainfall patterns due to topography, tradewinds and other factors. The resulting rainfall can be dramatically different from location to location, even over short distances. Here on the Big Island, tradewinds blow from the East-Northeast direction, resulting in abundant rainfall conditions on the windward slopes of the mountains. Leeward coastal... Read More 

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March 25, 2011||Big Island Communities: News

A 'Sign' That HCC's West Hawaii Campus Is Becoming a Reality 

The sign in this photo carries a positive and long-awaited message for residents of West Hawaii who are anticipating the presence of a permanent facility for Hawaii Community College at Palamanui. The new campus will replace the limited facilities currently being used by the University of Hawaii Center at West Hawaii (UCWH) in a small shopping center and office space in Kealakekua. The 78 acre campus at Palamanui will allow the same variety of programs to be offered to the growing population of West Hawaii students that are currently available to students in community colleges on other islands and at the Hawaii Community College (HCC) campus in Hilo. The Pamalanui campus is centrally located in West Hawaii about one mile north of the Kona International Airport and will be easily accessed upon completion of planned infrastructure improvements. The campus will be built in three phases to provide approximately 23,000 square... Read More 

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July 11, 2008||Big Island: Demographics, Corporate: From the Executive Suite

Hawaii County Population Growth Leads the State 

From the desk of: Frank Goodale, R, CRB Vice-President, Director of Information Technology Clark Realty Corporation According to newly released US Census Data, Hawaii County posted a 2.1% growth rate for 2007 and continued to remain the most popular location for growth in the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai showed a healthy 1.4% increase and Maui with a 1% increase. Honolulu County remained comparatively stable posting a small but notable decline of .1% The likely explanation for this continued growth is that Hawaii County continues to offer the best housing prices available in the Islands. This is especially attractive to those retiring from the more urban areas of the islands or from the mainland. We continue to see new businesses move into West Hawaii and the University of Hawaii continues its expansion in East Hawaii. At the same time, many are relieved that Hawaii County’s growth rate had backed of the nearly 2.8% rate... Read More 

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